The Pandora award winner, for significant and sustained contribution to the publishing industry, was Suzanne Collier of Bookcareers.com.   On accepting the Pandora award, Suzanne gave an inspirational speech:   ‘If you know the story of Pandora, you will know that when she opened her box she let evil and chaos loose in the world and the only thing left in the box was hope. ‘I would like to share my box of hope with every woman in publishing in that I hope that you are doing a job you love, that your career aspirations are fulfilled and that you are paid the salary that you so richly deserve. This is very significant today, when the unemployment figures show that there are more women unemployed than at any time since 1988. I would like to share my hope with those women, in that I hope that they too will find a job that they love.’ This year’s New Venture award winner was Leila Dewji, Editorial Director of Acorn Independent Press.   ‘This has been a crazy year, we’ve worked very hard to get Acorn off the ground and are now working with debut authors, established authors, literary agents and more. It’s great to receive recognition from fellow women in the industry and this will be proudly displayed on my office wall’. The awards were presented at the Christmas party on 14 December 2011. Members enjoyed good food, company and networking opportunites as they celebrated the festive season.   The organisation is looking forward to an exciting 2012, with members continuing to demonstrate their passion for publishing – despite challenging economic times – and looking to a bright future.   Notes for editors:

  1. Please contact pr@womeninpublishing.org.uk for information on the awards, including the shortlist and previous winners
  2. Further information on Women in Publishing can be found athttps://wipublishing.wpengine.com/about-us/
  3. Nominations for the 2012 awards will open on 30 April 2012.